Academic Excellence: Ipswich School

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There are many schools in England which are primarily girls’ school. Considering their academics most of them offer promising results. While getting a school for girls may be easy, getting one that guaranteed academic excellence is a hustle. Ipswich School is among the few schools that ensure academic excellence. This blog looks at some of the features that make Ipswich school stand out.

Outstanding features


In 2015 the A-level pass rate for Ipswich schools was 100 % placing the school at the top of the league with other schools. 40 woman in front of laptop% of the students also go on to study medicine technology engineering maths and science in the university.

100% of students from Ipswich who chooses a Russell university are usually successful in getting admission. 65 % of students who did A-level exams in 2015 got a grade of A and B. the GSCE results are always consistent with a guaranteed pass for most students.


Getting an admission to Ipswich is not hard at all. Before getting an admission, you can also get a chance to visit the school where you will be taken on an expedition around the school. Application for any age group school is accepted throughout the school year. The process for joining the school is set in the admissions guide. All the schools are covered in the admission guide. Entering the school is possible at any time depending on the availability of positions.

Fees and financial support

The fee structure of Ipswich represents exceptional value for money. The upper prep fees are £2,730. Scholarships are also available for talented students with exceptional academic results. Potential and able student are awarded the scholarships. For those students whose parents have financial constraints Ipswich school awards bursaries. The bursaries are only awarded to students who are talented. The school does not offer a refund for missing school days.

Extra-curricular activities

Education is not just confinement in the classroom but also outside. The position and environment in which Ipswich schools exist to provide an ample place for both classroom and outdoor activities. The school has sports activities like swimming and other outdoor activities. The school also has clubs where a student goes to develop skills. The school also participates in competitions at national levels. They are involved in art exhibitions, swimming galas, seminars, music competitions and other activities. The river where the school is also situated tables the students to go for sailing and other leisure activities.

Best single-gender school

studyingIpswich schools are among the best single gender schools. The performance and the general standard have been reviewed and proved satisfactory. The fee program also caters for everyone and ensures no one is left out.

Concerning extracurricular activities, the school is well reoriented. Evidently, the success of your child can begin at Ipswich school.

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