Best Electric Screwdrivers Review


Screwdrivers are useful tools for different kinds of work that involve screwing and unscrewing of screws. For those who use them, getting the best one makes work easier. You can delve more into this from our previous post, Best Electric Screwdrivers of 2017. The technological advancement has seen a significant evolution of tools from manual ones to automated electronic ones. Screwdrivers have not been left behind in this development.

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They either come with a power cord that is plugged into a power point to work. Others are cordless and will use powerful rechargeable batteries. Both will use an electric motor that can screw or unscrew at the press of a button. They give different speeds as regulated by the person using them. They have changeable shafts of different sizes to fit different screws. Some companies have dedicated to making reliable electric screwdrivers. Below is a brief review of some that are doing well in the market.

Bosch brands

They are manufactured in Korea and come in a variety of power range. Most of them have a 3.6V battery. The screwdrivers are light and offer comfort while being held. Their stability is second to none. The popular example is Bosch ixo iii which is a cordless and powerful screwdriver. It has LED lights to help work in poorly lit environments. The battery is protected from overheating and other factors that can cause damage making it a very reliable machine.

Black and Decker brands

Their brands are known to give value for money. Most of their screwdrivers for the year 2017 are cordless with a battery that can last for up to a years without replacement. They offer easy to carry wall mounted chargers for the battery. The machines are shaped like a gun to provide stability during screwing. The best drill they have on the market for 2017 is LI3000 series with a rubber handle to offer grip and stability.

Hitachi brands

Hitachi also offers very reliable working tools. Their screwdrivers can even screw in hard places given that the type of motors used is very powerful. They offer reasonable prices for their devices and are liked by many. The Hitachi DB3DL2 provides a dual position handle that enables screwing in corners very possible.


lklknlkfngknsdgnoiesjgWhen it comes to screwdrivers, choosing a good brand goes a long way in determining the service you will get after that. Pick a brand that will offer value for your money on power and reliability. Consider other features like a light for screwing dark corners.

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