Top Five Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Reducing your energy consumption at home is a challenging thing at times. Besides having a good looking home at an attractive place, homeowners are also looking for energy efficient homes to cut bills and save their hard-earned cash.

Tips and ways to conserve energy that can save you both energy and money

1. Utilize energy-efficient lights

isofvifvvwve3v3err3f43Replacing your old halogen and incandescent light globes with the energy saving ones can shave off more than half of your energy bills.

 2. Inspect appliances

Before going out of your home or going to sleep, always ensure that all appliances are in good condition. And those that need to be switched off are off. If one of your devices is not functioning well, make sure that you seek help from an appliance repair technician. Don’t also forget to clean all your appliances such as refrigerator and computers as too much dust may lead to a breakdown.

3. Run you refrigerator efficiently

The refrigerator is one of the most energy-consuming appliances in your home. This the fridge is always running, ensure that the door seal is tight and free from gaps that will enable cold air to escape. Typically, most refrigerators operate at a temperature of 4 or 5 degrees Celsius, whereas the freezer runs at minus 15 to minus 18 degrees. This means that if there is frequent cold air loss, the fridge will be running continuously to maintain its temperature within the set limits. If you happen to have more than one fridge, always make sure that you turn on the second fridge when the need arises.

4. Use solar heaters

hqwodw32r23r3r34Solar energy is a renewable energy that is free to use. Instead of using power to heat water, use a solar heater. This will unimaginably lower you electricity bills. Nowadays it is even mandatory in some countries that home should have solar heaters for them to be connected to the national grid.

5. Use power strips

Sometimes, your television, computer, printer, or DVD player use electricity even when they are turned off. When these appliances are not in use, they continue to draw an idle electrical current. A power strip can help you save money and energy by enabling multiple appliances to be powered from a single socket. Power strips also have circuit breakers that can interrupt power in case of an overload. These devices also protect your appliances against power surges.

These five way to save energy in your home can help you reduce you electricity bills and create an energy efficient home thereby protecting the environment.