Flea Bombs Guide- Great Relief For The House Owners And Pets


Flea bombs prove to be a great way when it comes to dealing with insect infections which spread a kind of insecticide fog all through your house. You may find it very difficult to get rid of the fleas as one needs to leave the house while there are so many ways to do it. Fleas are nothing but some forms of parasite that feed on the animals, birds and also humans. The flea bomb guide helps in the eradication of the flea. The fleas usually feed themselves on the blood of the animals that it gets by getting on quite easily.

General information


FleaIt is the use of the flea bombs that will be the ultimate solution for you when you have these fleas all over your pets and your home as well. This essentially does not mean that there has been usage of the bomb at all the places in the home. You can use the flea bomb guide at certain areas.

These flea bombs have strong chemicals in them keeping their impact for about six months. The fleas targeted using these chemicals are not just limited to the adult or grown up fleas but even the developing larvae and eggs. The flea bombs even help in getting rid of the mosquitoes and the cockroaches.

Growth regulator

If your house is all infected with fleas, flea bombs will surely kill most of them and also release the insect growth regulator known as Nylar which helps in ending the cycle of remaining fleas for about a span of 200 days or so.You might need more than one flea bomb for your entire home. You need to place one bomb in every room to kill other pests as well.


So, how to use the flea bomb? It is necessary that one cleans the entire home with vacuum and then give a flea bath to the pet. You need to empty all the shelves and the cabinet to ensure that the pests do not re-infest your home. Also, make sure to keep the fish tanks closed and remove the plants and the beds in your home. Before you place the flea bomb in the middle of the room, ensure to put a newspaper under it for the safety of your flooring and furniture.Once this is done you need to keep all the windows closed to release it.


It takes about an hour when the chemicals settle even though fogging takes just some minutes. One needs to keep the food items away from any of the chemicals that may fall into it. One has to necessarily keep the lights off before going out as these are inflammable. If a fire occurs, one has to out it off immediately. Any entry into the house has to be only after aerate it thoroughly.


Flea 2It is also essential that you read as well as follow all the instructions printed on the flea bomb to avoid any mishap or loss. The flea bombs that contain active ingredient like IRG are most effective. With this, the insects will be destroyed before they are fully grown.

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