Latex mattresses guide


There is no debate that latex mattress are one of the best mattresses in the world. If you have finally decided to buy a latex mattress, then you might be wondering how to go about it. There are many latex mattress options available, and a first-time buyer might be confused. To buy a good mattress, you need to determine all the features that you need from your mattress. This is not only for a latex mattress, but it also applies to all the mattresses that you might want to buy. Look at the Best Latex Mattresses by However, for latex mattresses, you might want to be more careful because they aren’t cheap either.

Choosing a latex mattress

Organic or synthetic

When choosing a latex mattress, you have the option of choosing either an organic or a synthetic mattress. An organic mattress is made using pure latex that is obtained from the rubber tree. The cost implication is the mattress is a little bit expensive although it has its superior benefits. A synthetic latex mattress, on the other hand, is made from latex that has been sealed using compound chemicals. It is a little bit cheaper compared to the organic mattress. On the other hand, we have a blend that is meant to serve the needs of the people who want a taste of both.


The method of processing

The method of processing will determine the end product of the mattress that you will get. Ideally, there are two methods of processing when manufacturing a latex mattress. There is the Dunlop and Talalay method of making the mattress. The Dunlop method is for people who like a firm mattress while the Talalay is for those who want a mattress with a softer feel. The Talalay method of processing quite expensive though so consider the price when buying a mattress.


Block versus layered mattress

Latex mattresses are made from one block of a mattress, but you still find a multi-layered mattress. Most of the time the mattress is enclosed in the cover so it might be difficult to spot the difference. Many people prefer the layered mattress because of the flexibility. You can easily add or remove layers from the mattress to achieve the feeling that you want.