The Role Of Employer In Ensuring Safety Of Employees At Workplace

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All workplaces have some of the safety hazards, but this significantly differs with types of jobs. For instance, people in manufacturing factories are at great safety risk than those working in tour sales office located in a serene environment at the outskirts of the city. However, the employer has an obligation to ensure that all staffs are provided with a safe working environment through the provision of relevant resources and training on safety. Below is the highlight of the roles of an employer in the provision of a safe environment at the workplace.

The role of employer in ensuring safety of employees at workplace

Setting up safety procedure systems

screensSystems are part of a workplace constitutions as the employees follow what is already set. Employers who have already defined safety measures for the company can have them incorporated into the system to avoid any unfortunate occurrences. Furthermore, the management can embrace the gemba walk concept where they go into the field often rather than sitting in the office all day. This way, they will be able to see what is happening on the ground and make the necessary amendments.

Provide the PPE to staff

The PPE include the gloves, helmet, overalls and safety boots just to mention but a few. If there is a need for the use of these protective gear due to the nature of work, then all concerned staff must have a set of working PPE at any one single time. Some staff seems not to understand the seriousness of putting on the gear, and thus the managers should check at all times.

Train the staff on safety procedures

cautionIn most states, safety training like how to prevent and handle fire, staying safe at all times and others safety related training must be carried out annually. In fact, a report from a relevant safety company is a requirement before renewing operations licenses. The importance of doing so on an annual basis is to refresh the existing staff and enlighten those who have joined in the course of the year.

Standardization and documentations

It is crucial to have a point of reference for the staff in case they forget how to go about the safety procedure of specific operations. Most companies have a standardized safety procedures book done by the training safety expert, and a copy kept where the staff can access it.

When an employer makes sure that the above is followed, then they can rest assured that they have done their part and the staff must do the other part.

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