Understanding How To Install A Flag Pole

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One can be patriotic in many ways. Having a flag is one way of demonstrating your patriotism. As such, having a flagpole with the flag you identify with is a wonderful way to make your home or business attractive. Hoisting a flag is not very difficult; it starts by installing a flagpole, which is not hard anyway. When installing flagpoles you should make sure that it is uprights and secure. As such, this article takes you through some essentials of flagpole installation.

Identify the right locationflag

The location you choose for you flag pole is vital. As such, you should look for a place that is visible to others or you, depending on what suits you. Moreover, you also need to have in an open place with some wind. As such, putting it too close to a tall building or tree will limit its ability to fly. Besides, having it at a good distance from building and trees will make it visible.

Dig in a safe area

When digging, there is a possibility of cutting water pipes or even cutting electric wires. As such, you should ensure that the place you are about to dig is safe. Cutting an important cable can lead to lasting consequences. In this regard, you should ascertain that there are no underground pipes or cables there.

Prepare your flagpole

Before securing your pole in the foundation, it is advisable to ensure everything needed in okay. Assemble items when it is on the ground before you secure it on the ground. Ideally, everything should be on the pole beside the snap hooks and the flag,

Flag PoleMount the flag on the ground

The deeper you dig, the better the stability of your flag. With the hole at the right depth, you can use a shim and a spirit level to ensure the flag is structurally sound. Secure the pole in that position to ensure it is not moved when placing the cement. Mixing your cement using the recommended ratios and shovel it into the ground. Once you fill it to 2 inches from the ground, you can leave it cure.

Raise your flag

After the cement has cured, which takes at least 24 hours depending on the type of cement used, you can now lift up your flag. Once everything is done, enjoy the beauty and pride that comes with having a national flag in your backyard.

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